Welcome to Vast Constructions

Vast Constructions specialises in architectural, individually designed quality homes and aim to provide you with a home built with the finest materials available and aim to source the finest materials ensuring durability to suit the environmental conditions of your specific area.

Our team of highly skilled, qualified tradesmen provides environmentally responsible options when creating your home.

Any building project, whether it is a new home, extension or renovation, is a major undertaking. Every project we carry out, big or small is implemented with extreme care and backed by experience and attention to detail.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, under pressure, have little idea how to achieve the look you are after, not sure where to start, or just simply need a friendly guide to discuss design concepts, it would be our pleasure to assist.

Vast Constructions and our professional support team can help save you time speculating over surface selections such as paint colours, tiles, flooring, bathrooms, kitchens, cabinetry, fittings and furniture; save you money by avoiding costly mistakes through poor or rushed decisions, and by working together to ensure surface selections and colour choices are cohesive and made on time which in turn will avoid building delays.

Get peace of mind knowing we are on hand throughout your build, or we can simply work on an ad-hoc basis offering independent design support as required during your new build or renovation.

When you contract Vast Constructions, you are employing experience, knowledge, client care and superior workmanship.

Please give us a call on 0423 208 672 or email us on [email protected]


Sourcing products can be a time consuming and frustrating process.

With limited knowledge you could end up paying more than required on products or make selections that could result in costly mistakes.

Vast Constructions can save you time by sourcing quality products from reputable suppliers and distributors.


Have you ever painted walls or covered surfaces to then discover that the end result was not what you had imagined?

Colour design embraces every surface you can see touch and feel. Pulling harmonious palettes together from roofing tiles, bricks, windows and walls to cabinetry, flooring and furniture. The list is endless.

We'll help you to manipulate space to suit your lifestyle and reflect your personality or simply provide support by offering decorating tips.